Fans and Followers Fanzine (March)

Come delve into our creative world released on the First Friday of the month this is Art-a-Ray’s fans and Followers Fanzine. Like Us, Share Us, Follow Us!! If you’re creative you should be in it!!

6 Ways to genuinely make money from home

I know, I know… I’ve read so many articles like this and they’ve been pretty hopeless if the company is not legit it’s a whole load of pop-ups or long registration forms asking me for my personal details on dodgy looking websites… Well I’ve been there… These are tried and tested I’ve done all working…

Tutorial: Creative crochet tee-rugs

Doesn’t the rainbow rug look swarv brought to you today is an excellent picture tutorial on re-using old t-shirts to make stunning rugs… Loads creative ideas can be implied here looking forward to seeing your creative minds here… Heres the link… I’m the link!!- Click me!! Thanks to usefuldiy for the link

Sculpting drawings

Are you ready?! No… I don’t think you are quite ready for this… Look at these incredible; what looks like black and white drawings for an illustrated story book… I’ll let you in on something they are actually ceramic sculptures made from clay and porcelain… Oh I love them!! The clay and porcelain is used…