Creative Feed

Here is the place where you will find everything arty, inspirational or just for that feel good factor.

This section is where you come after a long day, a heated argument or even just checking your bank balance…

Some of the things you can expect to find here are going to be pictures, innovative/creative/eyebrow raisers , interesting news and art facts but to name  just a few… 

Visit this section for ideas, innovation and creativity.

Feel at home,

Express yourself!


From taking long strolls… listening to music… browsing through YouTube…  smelling flowers… eating… playing mindless games…  to pushing trolleys around the supermarket….

Waiting for the moment… trying to capture a whiff of inspiration, what ever you do and however you do it… Remember to breathe don’t force it let it flow…

Check out this a great clip on artist Naomi.

Looking for Cali Rose… Enjoy!!


Screws, screwdriver, oil paint, and a phonebook!

Now if I were to give you four items:

Quantity of each… completely up to you…

1. Screws,

2. Oil paint

3. A phone-book

4. Electric screw-driver

What would YOU do with them? (Look at me quizzically…)

Andrew Myers can answer that question for you and answer it well he sure can!! “…Fascinated by the power of shadows to create the appearance of form. At first glance it may not be clear if the shadows in these pictures are created by paint or are actual shadows cast by the screws…” Pretty amazing huh (:

Amazing Screws Art Of Andrew Mayer

Amazing Screws Art Of Andrew Mayer

Amazing Screws Art Of Andrew Mayer


Art hanging off a shoe!

One thing I loathe… SHOELACES!!

I can never tie them to stay… as a result I find myself always tying a double knot (which takes ages to undo…)

I think Federico Uribe and I share a similar point of view… might as well take them off and put them to good ‘art’.

It just goes to show you, nothing can limit creativity. He has an array of creative artwork in using different objects of daily life. Impressive… check it out by clicking here.


Algae – Artists of the salt ponds

Look at these stunning pictures of colour, nature showing off…

Salt Pond 267-2

Salt Pond

 Salt Pond 092


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