15-25 Artists – Sign up


– Do you get excited with the thought of drifting off into another world and penning it to paper?

– Does the thought of signing YOUR NAME at the bottom of a picture you created motivate you?

– Tell me!?! Would you love to showcase your unique creations, whilst getting PAID for these priceless pieces?

– When you hear the words COMPETITION and PRIZES, do you find yourself saying… “YES! I’m up for that!”

– And finally, would you love to be a part of a company that seeks to promote your art work?

If you answered YES to any of the above… PERFECT!!

Here’s the low down: We are Art á Ray!! And how we work is simple! We work closely with artists like yourself and seek to develop and promote your unique pieces of art, we work to get it framed and VOILA!!… THE MONEY IS ALL YOURS!!!

Nice huh…

And that’s not all … We will be running regular competitions, giving you and your talented -self chances to be up in the running for big prizes, as well as showcasing your work in galleries!! Oh and… There will also be opportunities for people all around the world to bid on your art work… and of course the highest bidder gets the piece and yes you guessed it!! You, YOU!! GET ALL THE MONEY!!!

Sounds… Interesting?!!

It sure is!!



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