Hello and Welcome to Art á Ray’s Blog!!!!

Art á Ray is the place to be if you are a young visual artist between the ages of 15-25. This is calling all painters, sketchers, drawers, knitters, beaders and crafters all of whom in their own individual way are talented, creative and unique .

Art á Ray seeks to promote, develop and expose the gift of art. Creativity is meant to shine, So let it shine!!

Art á Ray is about expressing time well devoted in pursuing a passion that fills ones heart, which… at a glance has the ability to tell a million stories to another…

At Art á Ray we see art as the emotions that are evoked, the questions that are asked, how you feel or even the time and place of day.

You would want to be linked up on receiving all the news because your next future talent is going to be stemming up from here.

Art á Ray is proudly supported by the Prince’s Trust inspiring young lives and from them a beam of shining rays will inspire the rest.

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Thanks for reading… Happy Blogging!!


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