6 Ways to genuinely make money from home

I know, I know… I’ve read so many articles like this and they’ve been pretty hopeless if the company is not legit it’s a whole load of pop-ups or long registration forms asking me for my personal details on dodgy looking websites…
Well I’ve been there… These are tried and tested I’ve done all working towards one so you’re gonna find these useful. Blah Blah let’s get to it…

Coming in at number…

6. Online surveys


Few of these around some of them are very long winded just looking at them makes my stomach churn… It’s that or they wanna give me vouchers and I’m not a voucher person (if you are… worthwhile checking out i-say and swagbucks). panelbase.net is one that I found particularly useful, it pays cash and found it a great resource for the company too!! You can also check out crowdology or onepoll, gifthunterclub.

5. Listening to music


Again few of these around kind crazy the thought of getting paid to listen to music or watch videos (: slicethepie is an exception you also get to comment on the latest fashion trends.
You may also wanna check out Music XRay (haven’t tried but told its ok aspiring lyrical artists this is defiantly something you must look at) there are others HitPredictor but eehhh…

4. Selling on Ebay/Esty


Loads of things you can do here you just need to be creative, be different and you got yourself a winner you’ll find this guide useful on selling on ebay.

3. Browsing websites

Whatusersdo – IT is my thing I don’t mind browsing websites, continuously surrounded with technology that has access to internet quite literally 24hrs a day… I know its bad when you have change your sleeping position to accommodate a few phones, tab and a laptop on your bed… You can also check out Qmee.

2. Youtube

Well… it was destined. Video all the way and great thing about it you can be really creative with this there are some great vloggers out there check them out look for inspiration and do something of your own. You can make money through their partner program you must apply to become a partner if you regularly upload and a get a fair amount of views you’ll be eligible

Minimum Requirements:

Mobile phone (with camera lol) to the next step up (Watch, this is great)

1. Fine Art

For aspiring fine artists and illustrators 15-25 years old I wish this was around when I was younger. Art-a-Ray give you the license to go crazy doing what you love, creating, designing… They help build your brand by investing in you getting your designs on clothing and selling it worldwide. Sign up and start earning cash

Well… That about rounds it up folks…

I’m pretty sure you’ll find these useful.

Feel free once you start making extra money to inbox me I’ll send you my account details and you can transfer me some money otherwise comment below if you found this article useful and/or if you know of any other good’uns (:

Much love!

Go out, be a blessing and stay creative!



By : Michael Jarrett

Owner and founder of Art-a-Ray, life coach and business mentor.

Link me up on: LinkedIn, Facebook

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