a ‘me’ cover for my ipad mini

Showing you that you can go as creative as you like do it yourself and make your own iPad cover

the second hand city

I have a cover for my ipad mini that has a keyboard built in, but it is driving me crazy when I go out.  I want to take my ipad with me because I want to use it to take photos when interesting things present themselves, but then the cover I have has to open up, and it swings around, and it all gets a bit awkward (especially when I am balancing a shopping basket of second hand treasures at the same time).

So, I decided to make one.

The night before last I had a look on Pinterest.  There were so many options.  Here’s some I considered.  I wouldn’t mind a knitted one, but I think a nice non-stretchy one would be better.  So, the loop and button ones caught my eye.

Yesterday I got cracking.  I dug into my box of second hand Australiana tea towels, table cloths and napkins, and found…

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