70,000 people cant be wrong

An excellent tutorial from start to finish on how to make your own leather bag! Thanks Tom this is brilliant!


A Milestone has been reached.

For the first time I have a video with 70,000 views.

When I started posting videos such figures were completely outside of my comprehension, the work that I do is a very niche area, to my mind no one would be interested. To my delight I found that they were, and to my amazement they continue to be interested.Now just over a year later 70,000 have seen this one video, and the comments have been very kind.

This was a bag I was asked to make as a present for a young lady going off to university, big enough to take a lap top, and books – remember them, as she travels between lectures. She chose the tan leather, and asked for yellow stitching to my dismay, but what can I say, The customer is always right.  I was particularly pleased with the end result, and I saw the young lady in…

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