Awesome illusion with the kittens… don’t stare too long (: Artist: Casey Weldon

Tutorial: Creative crochet tee-rugs

Doesn’t the rainbow rug look swarv brought to you today is an excellent picture tutorial on re-using old t-shirts to make stunning rugs… Loads creative ideas can be implied here looking forward to seeing your creative minds here… Heres the link… I’m the link!!- Click me!! Thanks to usefuldiy for the link

God’s paintbrush

Namibia, a beautiful country with soul and authenticity…What looks like a painting is actually a photo! At Namib-Naukluft Park in a location called Deadvlei we find the orange Sossusvlei sand dunes. It looks like a bright orange sky but it’s actually the sand… the white in the orange background is grass in the sand dune….

Pattern: UGG boots

Aren’t babies so cute… Them with their little hands and fingers, feet and little toes… After recently becoming an uncle again I instantly fell in love with these… Be creative with different colours etc… Tip: Instead of using cardboard I used plastic foam (so you can wash them…) (Pattern for 0 – 6 months of…

Tutorial: DIY Woven Fruity Basket

Here’s a nifty picture tutorial on how to create a strawberry shaped basket from recycled newspaper, simply fantastic here’s the tutorial.. Tutorial: “I’m here“… Oh look… here’s the tutorial for an apple shaped basket Enjoy them… Many thanks to Fabartdiy

Tutorial: Artful Pillows 20 of them!!

  Check out these gorgeous pillows with simple and easy to do it yourself directions, go crazy! mix and match, design your own and lets see what you come up with! Thanks to a great round up and collection by 

a ‘me’ cover for my ipad mini

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I have a cover for my ipad mini that has a keyboard built in, but it is driving me crazy when I go out.  I want to take my ipad with me because I want to use it to take photos when interesting things present themselves, but then…

70,000 people cant be wrong

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A Milestone has been reached. For the first time I have a video with 70,000 views. When I started posting videos such figures were completely outside of my comprehension, the work that I do is a very niche area, to my mind no one would be interested. To my delight I found that…