Video: Why do you create?

We don’t get nothing for nothing, we are all human and all have insecurities, fears and a long winding (what looks like a never ending…) list of failures.

I tell you today! Right Now!! Don’t be a slave to them, every second from here onwards is an opportunity to make all your insecurities, fears and failures to become the things you are most proud off!!

Don’t let them shape you, rather shape them with your dreams, your imagination, with the one and only perfect version of you.

Create and go wild, create and go crazy, create and be you! (:

This is a superb video by Composer/Filmmaker/Artist Salomon Ligthelm telling us why he creates… I think it’s an absolute peach of a video to finish off the week and crank up weekend!!

You have to watch and share this very inspiring video with a whole load of truth…

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