Colour Mixing: Don’t Always Stick to the Rules

color mixing rules

On color mixing, there are two rules I don’t agree with.

  1. Don’t mix more than three colors together at a time.

  2. Don’t use black in your painting.

Mixing “Mud”/Grays:

Muddy colors. We all hear about them, but what are they really? Do they look muddy because they’re gray. Or, are they just misused colors?

Some artists say if you mix more than three colors you will get mud. I’ve heard this many times and I disagree…

… don’t limit yourself to the rule of no more than 3 colors mixed at a time.

Using Black:

The other bit of advise I hear is to “never use black in your painting”. I think black like any other pigment has it’s place and use if it is used wisely. Now, I admit, I don’t use black often, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t appropriate to use.
At times, I have used black to add to some of the dark colors on my palette. I modify the dark making it cool or warm, whatever is needed just as I would any other darks that I use. Black works very well with alizarine or viridian. I also have used black to gray colors, adding a very small amount of black to a color. It doesn’t take much. Black also makes a great warm green by mixing a yellow into it.

Great article read it all here:  finearttips


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