9 Easy Steps to Learn Drawing

You don’t need expensive paper or pencils to learn drawing. In fact, if you are determined to learn how to draw, you will use available resources.


Source: piccsy.com via Lori on Pinterest

Follow these 9 easy steps to learn drawing, and you will be able to draw anything that you want or like.

The Steps

Step #1

Don’t focus mainly on photos when drawing. You also need to draw anything that you can see in the environment. Real life drawings are amazing.

Steps #2

As you start drawing, do not focus on the smallest details. Drawing less should be your main focus.

Step #3

Most people think that you need to finish a drawing in a single sitting. Have you ever seen artists work? Some of the best artworks take several days to complete. This is also the same with drawings. You can work on the layout, and you can add the details little by little.


Source: finearttips.com via Lori on Pinterest

It was mentioned earlier that you need to focus and to start with simple drawings. The problem with most people is that they prefer to start with elaborate and complicated subjects. There are no restrictions to drawing, but since you’re just starting out, you need to start from the simplest subjects and then work your way up.

The whole article is fantastic!! Read it all at finearttips


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