Wolfgang Beltracchi – The “Best Art Forger in the World”


“Wolfgang Beltracchi is a name you may never have heard before. Very few people have. But his paintings have brought him millions and millions of dollars in a career that spanned nearly 40 years…”

Proclaiming himself to be one of the top art forgers in the world, what makes Beltracchi’s exploits so unique is that he is known to be able to duplicate styles of the great masters of the past rather than attempting to duplicate works previously known to the public.

For example, he would create a Cezanne that Cezanne never painted but that he thought he might have wanted to paint. A mixture of a Wes Anderson character with a devil-may-care attitude, his story is every bit about his own artistic prowess as it is about his criminal behavior.

Interesting video the guy makes me laugh… What do you think?


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  1. Beltracchi is a kind of genius. If he could paint a Cezane that even Cezane could not create, it means he had an incredible talent for art and artistic sensibility.


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