Finger Knitting – a Tutorial


Get your fingers knitting

Monster Yarns

I’ve noticed that there are two types of new knitters – those who take to the idea of knitting with needles easily and those who really struggle with the concept of “making stitches with chopsticks”. (I can’t claim to have thought of that natty summary – thanks to one of my young pupils!). Before I suggest teaching them how to crochet, I usually take a detour into finger knitting. However, finger knitting is great for young children where co-ordination is still an issue, or in fact for those who may love the idea of handling and crafting with yarn, but the use of needles is not appropriate.

Since it is easy and half-term is just round the corner, I thought I’d pass on the skill. Thank you to my younger son who, as ever, was keen to get involved with my yarny request. Please don’t examine the cleanliness of his hands…

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