Why You Should Not Compare Yourself To Others

Why You Should Not Compare Yourself To Others
Why You Should Not Compare Yourself To Others

I won’t deny that several times in the past i have been comparing myself to so many other peoples. I might see someone with a nice car and i could say to myself  ” i should try to buy a better car like that”. Sometimes i could see a friend of mine with a nice shirt and i would say “my shirt is of better quality than his”. At first i did not even realize that i was being so comparative, but as time went by, i started getting uncomfortable with my lifestyle. I realized that i was not really enjoying to be who i am since everything i had, and everything i was doing did not provide me with any piece of mind, instead it did the very opposite. I lacked internal peace, and satisfaction of my life. One day i asked myself, why am i being so naive?, why am i being so ridiculous with myself?, why am i not feeling peace even after i have worked so hard and obtain the things i have always wanted?. Now i am so grateful that i learnt from those mistakes and changed my lifestyle. I now feel so happy and fulfilled with my life. However, i admit that this is not the only reason that i am now feeling so much peace and happy with my lifestyle, there is so much more to it but this is also among the very important reasons of being so happy and fulfilled in my life.

Many people find themselves comparing to other people for various reasons. Sometimes it happens without even your desire simply because you are so used to it. However, this habit is not good for your personal health and will leave you stressed and unhappy. The reasons to why you should not compare yourself to others is explained below

Why You Should Not Be Comparative To Others

You Are Totally Unique

No one person, is the same with another. You might be the same in age and height but that’s it. Age and height does not make two people equal not even close to be equal. You have your very own personal characters, characters that make you think the way you think, do the way you do, observe the way you observe, look at things the way you look at them, talk the way you talk. Comparing yourself with someone could simply mean that, your undermining the other person’s character or your undermining your own characters and personality. You do not have to compare yourself with anyone. Simply appreciate others if they have done great in a particular task and appreciate yourself for everything you do. Only if you know the other person’s whole characters(which is impossible), it is only when you can compare yourself to them, otherwise it is simply a waste of your time and energy, plus you become unfair to yourself and others.

Different Backgrounds

For example you go for a bicycle ride somewhere,then another bicycle rider by-passes you so fast as if you were not moving at all. You start telling yourself that “am not a good bicycle rider like he is” or “i can never be better than him in riding”. Ooh please, come on! Please don’t do that. You have no idea of the person you are comparing yourself to, and yet you take the back seat and speak a word. What if that guy is exercising for a marathon next week and you are only stretching your legs as a part of your weekly exercise, What if he is late to the office and you have no plans to go anywhere, what if he is being chased and he is trying to run as fast as he can plus the adrenaline hormone pushing him further and you are only doing exercises. What i mean is that, people have different reasons for their actions, unless you know their reasons in details, you do not have to compare yourself with them. Ride your bike according to your own reasons and enjoy your time and let them ride theirs according to their own reasons. Some other people have been practicing and putting efforts for more than ten(10) years to do what they do and this is your first year and you are already comparing yourself to them. It’s obviously not fair and of no need. Lay across your reasons and determinations and let others lay on theirs.

Different Visions

What is the aim of what you are doing. Lets take an example of you planing to buy a car. You are planning to buy a car that can accommodate five(5) people, having six(6) cylinders, with 3000 horse-power, moving on a 4-wheel drive full-time so that you don’t have to worry of mud-stuck. This kind of car is expensive and needs a more time saving the money you need to buy it, but you look at your neighbor, and find that he or she has bought a brand new car with bright colors and is astonishing fashionable, you start thinking that your neighbor is more wealthier than you are, and is way so better than you. Tell your mind to stop immediately. You don’t know how much does the car really worth. Maybe his intention is to use the car in short distances especially in cities where he does not need a 4-wheel drive car. Maybe he or she doesn’t have a family therefore his or her car can accommodate only two people.  Maybe he or she bought that car because it is cheaper and less equipped and therefore he or she did not have to save as much as you have to. The thing here is, people have different visions. Everybody looks at the future with a different eye. What you care the most might be what another person cares the least. So don’t go compare yourself with someone-else because you have no idea of his or her vision of the future.

Invitation For Failures

After you have compared yourself with someone that you don’t know his or her uniqueness, background or vision in life. You will most likely want to copy his or her lifestyle. That is where you invite the devil “Failure”. Coping someone’s lifestyle simply because you think he or she is better than you and you want to level up with that person so that you show them how great you are too, will make you do things you did not plan to do and therefore will destroy your whole original life plan and results to failure. Many people have failed again and again and again through this simple habit. They first compare themselves with others, and when they find that others are better than them, they try to leverage that by doing what others do. In other words they copy other peoples lifestyle and they eventually fail due to point number one(everybody is unique).

Word Of Advice

Therefore my friend, don’t even think of comparing yourself with anyone, you are better the way you are, follow your life plan and vision and you will eventually be where you want to be. From my experience, many people who are consistent of who they are and who they want to be in future without giving a second of what others are or want to be, they are most-likely successful much earlier and live a happier life than those who try to be others and to resemble to who they see

Source: Youngeddie

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