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My favorite exhibitions/artworks from my latest Chelsea wanders:
4 Films at Peter Blum Gallery in Chelsea
Su-Mei Tse, Dizziness of Life, 2011

SUPERFLEX, Modern Times Forever, 2011, (a 240 hour film!)

Disruptive Desires at Sean Kelly Gallery with Laurent Grasso, Rebecca Horn, Ran Huang. Running June 23rd – August 3rd

RAN HUANG, Disruptive Desires, Tranquility and the Loss of Lucidity, 2012, HD video, 23 minutes

From the Sean Kelly website:
Ran Huang’s 22-minute film, Disruptive Desires, Tranquility, and the Loss of Lucidity, is in the main gallery. The film begins with two young people shyly engaged in conversation, interspersed with outdoor scenes of a forest. As the two protagonists share details of their lives, an ominous undertone becomes apparent—one that is sexually charged— suggesting that the pleasant, almost dream-like ambiance of the film is misleading and that…

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