Weird or what?!! The crying artist

Argentine artist Leandro Granato uses his eyes to paint! He assures his customers it’s painless he calls it eye painting… For how he does it and for more pictures click on the image. DISCLAIMER: Anyone seeking health and/or medical advice is strongly advised to consult a qualified professional regardless of what he/she may read on…

Banksy: Artwork Slaughterhouse

Banksy on a month long visit to New York, he arrived on the 1, this is his latest New York artwork. A slaughterhouse truck filled with lively animal puppets… Click the image to take a look at the video!! As you watch you’ll see it’s not to everyone’s liking (0:13)… Read more at:

Banksy gets political in New York.

Banksy creates image of armed men in gun sights, horses wearing night vision goggles and a freephone number to hear audio of airstrike.