WAIT!!! Before you start… Drawing

Drawing is the basis for all painting…

It is almost always necessary to make some form of pencil drawing on the paper before beginning to paint.

Without this, you will have no idea where to place the first wash or which areas to reserve as paler ones… Your drawing doesn’t have to be of the highest quality. What really matters is that you get the shapes and proportions right, try holding a pencil up at arms length and closing one eye to confirm whether the line is vertical or horizontal, the size of an object in relation to another can be also measured in the same way.

It’s useful to get one part of the scene or figure accurate and relate the rest to it.

Take time…It pays to take time to prepare otherwise you might find yourself frustrated and annoyed when you start to paint…

Also don’t try and draw any subject too close this distorts the view, avoid putting yourself in a position where you are continuously moving your head to see different parts of your subject. Your line of vision should be central.

Most importantly… relax make sure you are comfortable (:

Until next time…

Let that creativity shine!!

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