Monster Yarns

The Scarf. Probably the first item that many learning or returning knitters make. One that hardly ever demands a pattern. Much maligned by little boys. In the right shape much admired by fashion pundits as it makes, or breaks an outfit. It has a million disguises – á la Dr Who or Jane Austen. We all have several stashed in drawers.

Since my repeated calls for the warmer weather have merely resulted in icier blasts, I’m retreating behind woollens but with a twist. A colourful, textural, riot of colours round my neck. And why not when there are so many scarf yarns available?

Gone are the days of garish polyester lace “fashion” yarn. Here are many wool and mohair based scarf yarns available to wear with French flair.
From pompom edges:


To frills:


And tendrils of softness:


Even with a touch of sparkle:


 And of course…

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