About acrylics – The Master of disguise

The qualities of Acrylic are exceptional. They are simple and clean to handle, they can simulate other paints – you can thin it with water to resemble water colour or you can paint it thick to give the impression of an oil painting. They have a pleasant aroma, dry fast, can be cleaned, repaired, does not peel crack or split and it is water resistant.

It can be applied to almost everything from wall surfaces, cloth, paper, card, wood, plastic, basically anything you can apply you and your creative self too! Most impressively it is also powerful glue.

Acrylic paint is made by mixing powdered pigment with acrylic adhesive, the adhesive looks milky when wet but becomes transparent when dry showing off the true colour of the pigment.

The simplicity of acrylics is a major advantage especially for beginners. Simple equipment = less initial expense.


Acrylics will immediately shout out to those who delight in bright, bold and clear colours.


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