About Watercolour

All paint begins with a pigments (a dry colouring matter). To do watercolour painting, you take those pigments (the different colours), add water and use a brush to apply the paint to paper.

Did you know?!!

You feel calmer when you paint… your blood pressure goes down, your brain gets stimulated, your mind is active, and your body is challenged. The end product is your artistic self…

Art is fun!! It tells many stories, reveals many an emotion with not a word but strokes to express yourself on paper!! Remember it’s only paper and to make art… well it’s advisable  to start on paper (I started out on my bedroom wall- that never turned out too good, as I couldn’t replace it and had to clean it!!)

If anything has life…

It’s watercolour!!

It’s unpredictable… it shimmers and dances when you put paint to paper, put more water and watch it break-dance. It’s really down to you to orchestrate your moves and learn how to work it.

You have the power of a creator on paper you can bring to life when you take full advantage of watercolours freshness and translucence.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look the same way it looked in your mind perseverance and self-belief will take you to a level where the picture in your mind was but only an outline and the ray of art within you self-reveals its true colours…


Art á Ray Tip of the day…

Planning is always needed for any painting or drawing regardless of the medium (watercolour, oil, acrylic) you are using.


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